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Circle H completes its first transaction, brokering a Southern California real estate donation to Northern Iowa University.

Bond premiums add up year over year, curbs crack, pavement deteriorates, habitat suffers, landscape ages, all while you are building, selling and closing homes in the next community..

in the back of your mind, you know turnover is getting further and further from completion as the months and years pass, but the day to day fire drills  and sheer effort to keep the pipeline full of product takes precedence every time you start on the old projects...

Its time to stop that nagging worry and contact Circle H - we are here for your peace of mind.

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After 7 long years in escrow, Circle H facilitates the culmination of the Coyote Canyon Land Transfer Agreement with 5 escrows among Centex Homes, the City of Fontana and San Bernardino County including removal of flood easements, parcel transfers, easement purchases, habitat, fee and access agreements.   


Circle H completes the 12-year process of habitat turnover and bond release for the Hawks Point master planned community in Fullerton and La Mirada California involving 2 Cities, 2 Counties and over a dozen local, state and federal agencies.

Caleigh Hutchins

chief solution finder




W David Hutchins

Our company's founder

New clients include RSI Homes, Richmond American and Lennar.   Circle H expands services to include owner and investor representation, due diligence, budgeting and scheduling services. 

Completed all work to release Remington Hills in San Diego, CA after 12 years of bond punch list work.

Circle H Incorporates, first corporate clients are Centex Homes, Pulte Home Corporation and Del Webb Communities.